Welcome to Squishy MoMo! Do you ever find yourself wanting to position yourself in a “lane” where you feel more comfortable and then set on the cruise control? Maybe you have tried writing down your goals and then you wonder why you feel like you don’t know what to put for the next number. Well you have arrived at the right place. Here at Squishy MoMo, our goal is to stimulate your thinking to help you feel encouraged, informed, and ready to plan for having at better grip on organization and time management. We offer tips on health and wellness, time management, and encouragement. Our site is mainly geared for teens and young adults, but hopefully individuals of all ages will leave with something that will help make them feel more productive and excited about what is ahead.

Dream Big

Dreaming big is something that we should do in life. By dreaming big, I am merely suggesting that when you want something …

Learning how to take care of ourselves and the environment will be rewarding. Being healthy and experiencing a clean environment are going to be lifelong benefits. Once we learn how to eat well, exercise, and take time out to reflect on positive thinking, we will be on the way to a better tomorrow. Sometimes it does not matter if we make a mistake while learning to better ourselves, the important thing is to get back up and try again!

The Mission

The mission of squishy momo is simple: teaching youth to take care of themselves and to be responsible for their actions. Learning how to live a healthy lifestyle at a young age can be greatly beneficial. The more we learn and share our knowledge with others is one step closer to having a better world and encouraging those around us.

Learn what it means to love and care for your health. Your body, mind and spirit work together to keep you holistically healthy.

Healthy Body

Having a healthy body starts with eating healthy foods, drinking a good amount of water, getting the proper amount of sleep, keeping a positive attitude, and exercising. The importance of understanding proper nutrition is the key to taking the steps to having a healthy body. Exercising is just as important. You should consult with your healthcare provider to establish a safe routine that works for you. Keeping stress minimized works together with nutrition and exercise. Together eating well, exercising, and minimizing stress should help you on your journey to having a healthy body.

Fresh Air

Fresh air is good for us daily or as much as your lifestyle will allow. Fresh air helps to clean your lungs, give you more energy and mental focus, and could even help make you more joyful. You could go on a walk with a friend and family member and at the same time receive lots of fresh air. Try to find some time every day to spend outside and take in some fresh air!

Clean Planet

We all need a clean and safe planet to live on. You can play a role in helping to ensure we have a clean planet by not throwing trash on the ground outside or throwing things in the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers and recycling. There are other ways we can have a clean planet, but these are two especially important steps to take today. Not only will you benefit from throwing trash away in the appropriate areas and recycling, so will animals both marine and terrestrial animals.

Quiet time each day gives us mental energy for a better tomorrow!