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Dream Big

Dreaming big is something that we should do in life. By dreaming big, I am merely suggesting that when you want something bad enough, go after it! Once you decide that you are going to go after it, do not for a moment think that you are not going to have bumps in the road. When you have bumps in the road, they are designed to help you travel the path with some modifications. This means that you are going to have to come up with a way to get over the bump. It may be that you must learn a new skill or get more education. This is still good in the sense that you are learning something new and still on your way to achieving what you want.

            If for any reason you find yourself not getting what you want, stop and look around. Ask yourself if there is something that you are missing. Try to figure out what it is and keep moving. Ask people for help, at least those who are being supportive of you. Be incredibly careful who you are allowing on your “front row”. Keep those close to you who have been able to DREAM BIG and see the beauty of the end results, or those who are determined, no matter what will run the race with you.  No matter what, do not quit, keep moving!

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